The Guide to Install Vividline Mustang Led Headlight Conversion Kit

Today we are going to install a H13 led bulb in the 2011 Mustang GT. It is 6000 K color temperature basically meaning, it’s perfect for the guys out there who are looking to get the bright, pure white LED look for the front end converting from their factory halogens which can get a little yellowish over time.

The first thing is to get onto the driver side and pop the hood. Put the hood, pop to come around open the latch throw your hood prop up and gain access to your headlights. When swapping the entire headlight, you would have to take the bottom bumper off, next to your fuse box and then again on the other side right below the cold air intake and when it comes to actually twisting out, twist them out of the housing, pull them off.

You can disconnect this coupler with a flathead screwdriver, stick it down, pull out the harness, pull it backslide your hand back into that little space twist the bulb out and set it aside.

The Guide to install Vividline Mustang Led Headlight Conversion Kit

Install the led bulb, the first thing you want to do is plug the resistor wire into the headlight bulb conversion, it just plugs right into the prongs on the end. The next step is to twist the bulb into the factory headlight and then we can plug in the wiring. Once the bulb is in place, take the factory harness with the LED headlight harness and they’ll connect.

It does the same thing for the other side, you want to plug in the resistor wire to the bulb wire, it’s gonna connect there run our clip up to the threading and twist it down so they don’t come apart. We’re gonna twist our LED conversion bulb into the headlight housing and plug it into the factory harness. And then we can run our wiring up to the factory harness plug that in Tucker wiring back down you can shut our hood.

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