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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Xenon and Led Car Headlights

If we treat car headlights as an essential factor of driving safety, we will know the the reason why xenon and led lighting technologies becomes popular. The better and more distance we can see, the greater capacity of anticipation we can have before an unforeseen on the road.

The main difference of these headlights is the range and brightness. While halogen lights have a range of 60 meters, xenon headlights reach 90 meters, and LEDs and lasers reach 300 and 600 meters, respectively.

Xenon headlights, longer on the market

The xenon headlights are composed of a xenon control unit and a xenon bulb. The life of a xenon bulb is approximately five years. A xenon bulb can have a 100% longer lifespan than a halogen bulb, consume less energy than halogens. Although it does not offer instant lighting, it only takes 1-3 seconds to reach its maximum power.

The assembly and disassembly of HID projector headlights are complicated and need a specialist to carry out their replacements. Any change in the standard equipment of the vehicle must approve in the ITV inspection following the factors reflected in the car’s technical datasheet.

Led headlights, brightness instantly

Led headlights are progressively replacing xenon headlights. With a lifespan of more than 10,000 hours, they emit light of 5,500 degrees Kelvin similar to solar and have low energy consumption. LEDs have the factor of consuming very little energy to the amount of light emitted. Unlike xenon headlights, LEDs are capable of illuminating at full intensity in fractions of a second.

It is a new type of light that incorporates cars. Now, the light formed thanks to diodes that make up the led headlights for the car. While halogen bulbs, they are illuminated by the filament that goes from side to side of the light bulb.

It sounds to all of us that the 9006 LED bulb in car consumes very little energy. This type of lighting consumes relatively little, but that is not one of the main advantages for which we recommend putting led headlights for the car.

Its light is almost white, and it also reaches 100% of its luminosity very quickly compared to other types of lights. This result means that led headlight created the new lighting systems. If we add its fast lighting, its clarity, we obtain an increase in active safety results. We will have a greater and better vision of the road, making us drive with more security and confidence.

In any case, for correct lighting, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of our car. The useful life of the xenon and led headlights is guaranteed. Still, it is advisable to check the correct operation of the lights, especially in autumn and winter. We must check the headlight domes are clean and that they have no interior humidity. Also, discover with Goodyear how to use car lights, whether they are xenon or led headlights, to make them your first road safety barrier.

The improvements in lighting systems are not only focused on achieving more brightness but also attempts to innovate in aspects such as design, colors, energy consumption, or dynamic lighting. All of the factors that influence the rest of the drivers. Car lights are a key component of road safety, and in recent years we have seen many related technologies emerge.

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