Guide to Check Your Car in Good Condition Before Travel

Many of the accidents that currently occur due to lack of user prevention; For this reason, KIA offers the following recommendations.

Start the car, but before starting any gear, check the condition of your car, remember that it is important to have everything up to date to avoid any setbacks.


Before embarking on a road trip, you should check:

Engine: Check fluid levels (oil, coolant, water, brake fluid, hydraulic steering).

Brakes: Check the condition of the pads on the discs and the shoes on the bell. Check for leaks in the system.

Tires: Calibrate the pressure according to what is established by the car manufacturer. Check the condition of the tires. Do not drive if they have high wear. If necessary, do so at low speed.


Suspension: Check the condition of the shock absorbers and steering terminals.

External electricity: It must verify that all the bulbs work correctly, especially lights and directional.

Internal electricity: Check insurance of doors and electric windows. Also the air conditioner

Safety equipment: The requirements of the Ministry (fire extinguisher, tool, flashlight with batteries, spare tire, jack)

Roles of the car per day: SOAT, Property card, Driver’s license, Technical-mechanical review. Insurance against all risks.

It is advisable not to make dangerous maneuvers where the integrity of its occupants is involved, respect the distances concerning the other cars and not exceed the speed limits; they are the priority when traveling. Planning the route with time allows for greater organization and prevention in any circumstance.

road trip

Remember that none of this works if you are not cautious. Don’t forget to buckle your belt and that of your companions. Respecting traffic rules and ensuring defensive driving helps to anticipate the movements of others.

Finally, keep a cellular device with charger and minutes in case of an emergency, if the vehicle is insured, verify that the assistance number is available.

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