What It Would Be When the Vehicle Lack of Use

Some people consider that a car stored for extended periods will be kept in good condition and will only be enough to start it to resume normal use. However, several failures can occur due to the frequent use of a car.

Experts of the Autolab firm, indicate that the following damages can be generated, by leaving a vehicle stopped for a long time:

 Oil leaks

There are elements such as gaskets, tires, and retainers that need to be lubricated to keep the engine balanced. When the car is stationary for a long time, these parts dry out, crack and shrink, causing internal leaks that we will see in the form of bluish smoke from the exhaust, and that will surely come from the valve guide retainers. If that happens, the visit to the mechanic is mandatory.


It is one of the elements that cause more breakdowns when a car is left standing for a long time. The brake fluid is one of those things that must be changed every two years, whether the car keeps walking or stopped because the ether it becomes water causing problems in the brakes by boiling that brake fluid.

Vehicle Lack of Use


They are deformed by having them supported for a long time on the ground. To avoid this, we recommend to leave the tires inflated with 1.5 bar more than the pressure recommended by the manufacturer, or better yet, leave the car on special stands so that the tires do not touch the floor.

Window motors

These engines, which serve to lower and raise the windows, are located in the box that forms the door, so they are exposed to moisture and oxidize, causing failures.


He is the one who suffers the most when a car stopped for a long time. By not turning the engine, the oil goes down to the crankcase, and the walls of the cylinders and the pistons are dry, and this causes them to oxidize, and the pistons stick together. They can take off with a laborious work that includes oil for lamps and a process of cleaning, drying, and ignition with tweezers and then take it to the mechanic.

Vehicle Lack of Use

Cooling circuit

In propellants equipped with water cooling, periods of inactivity generate significant breakdowns and great wear on the sleeves, the water pump can rust, the thermostat can stick, and the radiator can clog. The system must wash, pure, and the pump and thermostat replaced to avoid major evils.

Gearbox and differentials

These elements also need oil to stay clean and lubricated, so the lack of use causes the pinions, synchronizers, and forks to oxidize. Also, seals and gaskets lose tightness.

It is advisable to leave someone in charge of starting and moving a car regularly, to avoid such failures.

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